9 Times Actors Got Into Fistfights On Set

You know things are bad when even George Clooney loses his temper.

Movie sets can be temperamental places, where creative people can frequently clash over their approach to a story. Director and actors will argue over tone and performance, the director of photography will argue over the lighting and the producer will complain about how much time everything is taking. All that bad energy has to go somewhere, but no matter how bad things get most of the time any arguments will be worked out in a professional way. If they can€™t, things can get ugly real quick. When feelings and tempers are running high €“ especially on a movie where an actor is deeply immersed in their role €“ then fists can start flying. Actors butt heads with people all the time, and reports of people almost coming to blows - like Bruce Willis challenging Kevin Smith to a fight on Cop Out - are common. Confirmed reports are surprisingly rare however, as the production usually covers it up before news can leak; when word gets out though, the news spreads real fast. This is messy for everyone involved, as nobody comes out of it looking professional. Collected here are some of the more infamous on set flare-ups; where actors got a little too caught up in the moment and people ended up with more than a bruised ego.

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