A Quiet Place 2: 7 Big News Revelations About The Upcoming Sequel

Emily Blunt is back to kick some alien ass.


In April of 2018, Paramount released a little horror movie written and directed by a known comedy actor who had never written or directed a horror film before, starring his wife, and featuring little-to-no dialogue.

As strange as it might sound, that film was A Quiet Place, and it went on to become one of the most lucrative and profitable studio releases of 2018. With a killer concept, a strong script, some stellar performances, and all-around solid direction from John Krasinski, the film made a killing at the box office and earned the praise of critics.

Ever since its release, Krasinski and co. have been hounded pretty much non-stop about when audiences can expect a sequel and how the narrative might play out. Well, after nearly a year of waiting, we finally have some big news about the upcoming A Quiet Place sequel...

7. The Writing Has Taken Almost A Year


The writer, director, and star of the original film, John Krasinski has apparently been working on the script for well over a year now.

Krasinski previously commented that when production companies Paramount and Platinum Dunes initially approached him about the possibility of a sequel, before the original film had even been released, he scoffed at the idea. However, upon marinating in it for a bit, he found the idea increasingly compelling and began working on a rough draft of the script right after the release of the first film.

This is made all the more interesting by the fact that although Krasinski did do a clean-up on the script for the first film, he did not write the initial drafts. Writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods crafted the original script for the film before Krasinski was ever even attached. However, with this sequel, Krasinski is looking to be the only credited writer.

Meaning that this film will serve as a more proper debut for Krasinski as a horror screenwriter in his own right.


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