Bond villains are inspired works. They have to be all-or-nothing or they just don’t work. They have to be sensationally deceptive or just downright evil and malicious in order for an audience to really gravitate to them. We want out Bond villains to eat dirt, so it only makes sense that the capable should portray them.

We have the greats in Dr. No and Blofeld. Jaws and Trevelyan. Kananga. Christopher Lee and Christopher Walken. But too often Bond villains go forgotten (which might be because of the multitude of films). I think I speak for the vast majority of us when I say that fantastic villains are what really gets us going to the movies. As exciting as a Batman film is, we know the gauntlet is thrown down when the Joker steps in. We know that Moriarty is the big bad we want to see duke it out with the esteemed Sherlock Holmes. And James Bond, as time-conscious as he is, needs these sorts of villains to return, as well.

As we await Javier Bardem’s already-praised villainous turn in Skyfall, here are a few choices to go at it with Bond in future installments of the franchise.

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This article was first posted on October 22, 2012