Alien: Covenant Trailer - 10 Things You Probably Missed

David takes creepy to whole new level.

Alien Covenant Prometheus Engineer

Alien Covenant is barely two months away, so Fox has begun to ramp up its marketing campaign considerably, what with the recent release of the much-discussed The Last Supper prologue as well as a brand new trailer.

It's done nothing if gotten people talking, and while some feel Ridley Scott and Fox may have played their hand too early by showing so much of the movie's creatures before release, it's difficult as an Alien fan not to be intrigued all the same.

Regardless of the film's eventual quality, it's always fun to dig deep into the marketing of the Alien movies and pull apart every last frame for those hidden Easter eggs and exciting gems that get the rumour mill running overtime.

It remains to be seen how these blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments will play out in the final product, but at least Alien: Covenant looks jam-packed full of compelling visual symbolism and a Hell of a lot of murderous alien goodness.


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