Avengers 4: 15 Big Questions From Everything We Know So Far

Unpicking the secrets we all want to know...

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If movie spoilers were a currency, there's a very good chance that Avengers 4 Secrets would be at the very top of the chart of value. Forget your gold, your platinum, your diamond - the answer to the great conundrum of how the snap is undone would buy you the most, by some distance.

Inevitably, there's so much hype about the second half of the cinematic Infinity Saga's endgame (but it's not called that, remember) that any scrap of information relating to Avengers 4 will be hoovered up and spat out into a million different interesting fragments from now until next Spring. And that's exactly as Marvel clearly want it (or they wouldn't be guarding the title like the crown jewels).

So far, there hasn't been a great deal of information about the sequel, but thanks to casting updates, set leaks and some reasonable extrapolation of the first film's plot, it is possible to piece together some actual information. And that inevitably inspires a lot of intriguing questions.

So, what are the big questions that come out of everything we know for certain?

15. When Is It Set?

Cassie Lang Ant-Man
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What We Know

Blended actress Emma Fuhrmann has been cast as an older Cassie Lang. Cassie Lang who should be around 15 or 16 in the film rather than the 10-year-old version played by Abby Ryder Fortson in the Ant-Man movies.

Clearly, part of the movie at least is going to be set further into the future than Infinity War's end, with one rumour suggesting there will be a five year gap in which the heroes work on adapting Hank Pym's technology to travel back in time somehow. That would certainly fit.

What We Need To Know

Will the movie indeed open five years later? Or will the rumoured time travel element see someone go forward in time too?

Gwyneth Paltrow has also apparently accidentally leaked the fact that she and Tony will be married and have a child in Avengers 4, so it would make sense that we will be skipping to the future. Tragically, though, that could mean that Tony is forced to give up his happy ending to save the universe?

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