Avengers 4: 8 Spoilerific Predictions For The Real Title

The Death Of The Avengers, anyone?

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The mystery of Avengers 4's real title is one that will apparently remain unsolved until Infinity War is in cinemas and there is no more anxiety over it spoiling a major narrative point of The Russos' comic book movie event. As has long been suspected, Kevin Feige has confirmed that the project formerly known as Infinity War Part II has a name, but that it's being hidden consciously to ensure that Infinity War's story isn't ruined.

What that means for the fourth Avengers movie - which is rumoured to have an almighty $500m budget - really cannot be underplayed, as it means that film launches from what could be a game-changing position. After all, it stand to reason that if Infinity War wasn't ending with a bang, it wouldn't inform the title of the next Avengers movie.

We can safely assume, then, that Feige's desire to protect the title and his repeated insistence that the films are wholly different is a big deal for the MCU as a whole. In other words, it probably doesn't just spoil what happens in Infinity War, but also how the MCU will look into what would be Phase 4.

So what could it be called, and more importantly, what could those possible titles actually spoil?

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