Avengers 4: Endgame Trailer Breakdown - 12 Things You Need To See

THERE'S Hawkeye!

Marvel Studios

After weeks of "will they, won't they?", Marvel Studios have finally - at long last - dropped the teaser trailer for Avengers 4. They also dropped a brand-new title - 'Endgame', and if that title doesn't hammer home the stakes of Earth's Mightiest Heroes' latest challenge, then the trailer surely will.

It reveals just the right amount of information without spoiling anything from the film itself, and with audiences already hooked in from Infinity War's ending, it could've been the case that Disney didn't even have to market Avengers 4. Everyone is absolutely desperate to see what happens to those who survived Thanos' snap (now referred to officially as "the decimation"), and especially those who didn't.

Despite the relative lack of information given in the trailer, there is actually a lot viewers can discern should they take the time to break it down bit by bit. It hints at some rumours while rubbishing others, and with information regarding the next Avengers sequel a relatively difficult commodity to come by, this trailer has at least satiated that initial demand to see something before the year’s end.

But what were the main takeaways, and the points fans may have missed? Let’s break them down, and find out what's what...

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