Avengers: Endgame - 13 Major Questions After The Trailer

13. Do Tony & Nebula Split Up?

Avengers Endgame Tony Stark
Marvel Studios

The trailer of course opens with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) drifting through space aboard the Benatar with his food, water and oxygen supplies imminently due to run out.

The clear implication is that Tony's alone on the ship, but considering he was stranded on Titan with Nebula (Karen Gillan) the last time we saw him, is Nebula in fact also on-board, or did the two decide to split up?

There is a shot later in the trailer where Nebula is clearly aboard the Benatar also, so there are two distinct possibilities - a) Nebula either took leave of Tony to forge her own path (with or without letting him know) or b) she's also hanging out on the ship, presumably also dying somewhere. Grim.


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