Avengers: Endgame - Every Death Ranked Ranked Worst To Best

9. Corvus Glaive & Proxima Midnight

Infinity War Corvus Glaive
Marvel Studios

Quite honestly, if the film had simply left this nefarious romantic couple out entirely we wouldn't have lost anything at all from the overall picture. As it is, they turned up as part of Thanos' invading force on the fields outside the Avengers Facility because people would have asked questions about why he didn't call upon his Black Order presumably.

If you thought they were depowered in Infinity War, you ain't seen nothing yet, as the pair thunder around the battle scene a little bit and generally end up lost in the melee. They end up just being emblematic of the entire Thanos army really as both are turned to dust when the third Snap happens.

Nobody grieves. Few would even bat an eyelid, to be honest.

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