Avengers: Infinity War - 13 Biggest Rumours You Need To See (May 15th)

Guess who's back...

Avengers Infinity War Red Skull
Marvel Studios

Even in a ridiculously packed schedule of comic book movies, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything that can really compete with Avengers: Infinity War as the most exciting upcoming project.

Sure, there are major stand-alones (like Spider-Man and Black Panther) and intriguing events (like Justice League) on their way, but this film is the culmination of three phases of Kevin Feige's genius. It is the climax to a world-ending story that was seeded almost a decade ago, and which has been a compelling slow burn ever since.

And now that the film is firmly in production, the story is beginning to take a little more shape. We have a fair old idea of who is involved - including new characters and returning veterans - and we know the general shape of the story... But that's about it.

This being a Marvel property, the sets are locked down like maximum security prisons, and the only leaks that do come out tend to be slight and intriguing rather than spoilerific in real terms. But in the absence of those meatier revelations, fans and industry commenters have gone full sleuth to pick out some rumours of what we can expect to see in Infinity War.

We've already seen some of those, but there have been so many since filming kicked off that it's well worth running down the latest once more.

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