Avengers: Infinity War - 15 Major Rumours You Need To See

Lady Death? Revived dead guys? BETTY ROSS?!


It might still be more than a year away, but the Infinity War has already begun. We've seen Thanos flexing his muscles - admittedly a little passive aggressively so far - and almost all of the Infinity Stones have already been revealed (with only the Soul Stone yet to appear). Plus Thor had that confusing dream in Age Of Ultron that seemed to suggest that his world's Civil War was somehow deeply entwined with Thanos' plans for power.

The film is now also in production, with the first production shot hitting the web with a characteristic flourish and absolutely no value to fans looking to hoover up every hint of what's to come. And there's a lot of expectation coming from that very direction, as fans attempt to piece together a plot that still has a lot of answers to give even before the film comes out next year.

Inevitably, rumours and theories have appeared in great numbers to try and paint a picture of what we can expect from The Russos' epic ensemble piece, and while some are immediately dismissable as bullsh*t, a considerable number posit interesting potential directions for the film. And if even some of them are true, it's going to be one hell of a film.

Here are the biggest and best recent Avengers: Infinity War rumours you need to see...

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