Avengers: Infinity War - Every Major Character's Best Moment

Thor = MVP?

Avengers Infinity War Thor Groot Rocket
Marvel Studios

By now, you've probably had time to see Avengers: Infinity War a second, third, fourth and maybe even fifth time, and whether or not the sheen has started to wear off, it's hard to deny that the Russo brothers did one hell of a job bringing these disparate superheroes together without excess bulk or clutter.

Like the very best MCU movies, Infinity War is jam-packed full of moments that'll make you laugh, stare at the screen in slack-jawed awe, and maybe even feel a tear or two forming.

Like the Russos' other MCU films, it's among the series' most mature and tonally balanced entries, switching gears without giving the audience tonal whiplash, and saving the quips for opportune moments where they hit the hardest.

Though not quite every character got their time to shine - Nebula (Karen Gillan) and several Black Order members didn't make this list because they had so little to do - for the most part Infinity War gave both the heroes and villains at least a moment or two each to hog the spotlight.

Some characters, meanwhile, were so brilliantly represented it was incredibly difficult to pick just one show-stopping moment above all others...


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