Avengers: Infinity War - EVERY Soul Stone Theory Ranked Worst To Best

Could we see a Hulk Smash to end them all?

Hulk Soul Stone
Marvel Studios

In the absence of an answer, information, falsities and straight up scatter-gun speculation will inevitably rush to fill the vacuum. That's why the most compelling mystery in the MCU - no not the logistics of the Vision/Scarlet Witch romance - is currently generating so much discussion.

With the second trailer for next month's Infinity War out and a raft of new details about the story coming courtesy of some fairly extensive preview features, there's still a big hole in Infinity War. It's a brown hole, specifically and it's one of the biggest keys to Thanos' plan to wipe out half of the universe to restore balance. That, of course, refers to the Soul Stone, which is still hidden somewhere in the MCU.

Because of how well-established the locations of the other Stones are already, the Soul Stone's absence is particularly conspicuous and as such it's frustrated fans and MCU scholars into coming up with a catalogue of theories on where it could be. And what it could be, just as importantly.

Some of those responses have been completely wild, but it definitely feels like others are somewhere close to the truth, so it's well worth looking through them as we stand on the verge of all-out Infinity War.

So, which is the most likely, and by extension, the most bloody ridiculous of the Soul Stone theories?

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