Batman Reboot: 5 Reasons It NEEDS To Be Hush

Even before The Dark Knight Rises opened, fanboys everywhere were at work casting and writing the reboot. To quickly run…

Cristian Duran


Hush 2

Even before The Dark Knight Rises opened, fanboys everywhere were at work casting and writing the reboot. To quickly run through a few things: Michael Fassbender can’t play Batman, he’s already Magneto, and enough with The Dark Knight Returns adaptation talk – the animated movie is great, so just watch that instead.

And even though it’s only been less than a year since Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises landed in cinemas, we need a Batman fix and luckily for us, Warner Brothers probably wants that sweet sweet Bat-Cash sooner rather than later. With the Justice League movie slated for 2015, and the closed-book (yet kinda open-ended) conclusion of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, all roads lead to a reboot. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the reboot has to go back to telling Batman’s origin and his first face off with the Joker or something as equally well-trodden – instead we need something grander.

We need something that will surpass Nolan’s achievement, and there can be only one suggestion: I propose that the next Batman film(s) should be an adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s blockbuster run: Hush. If you don’t recognise the fact that there are many reasons why they should do it, you’re probably not all that familiar with the story, but here are the 5 biggest…

5. It’s A Great Detective Story

6 Hush Strangle

One common complaint of just about every Batman film so far is that we rarely, if ever, get to see Batman as the World’s Greatest Detective. Sure he figured out where a bullet came from in The Dark Knight, but we want to see him looking into somebody’s eyes to tell if they’re lying or doing some crazy CSI style forensics that only someone as obsessed with crime as Batman could do.

Hush is the perfect answer: the story is one big mystery as to who is orchestrating the events of the plot, and as it progresses we get to see Batman deduce his way to the mastermind of it all. Of course this requires what in my opinion is essential to a Batman story—voiceover, – a key ingredient that the Batman movies have so far failed to capitalize on. Giving us a movie with Batman as narrator a la Sin City would add a cool film-noir feel, that would wholly suit the neo-Gothic sensibilities of the character.

It would also give us more of a glimpse inside the mind of Batman, as he gets to comment on the characters, situations, and we get to see how one step ahead of everyone he is. We also get an inside look at the genius, obsession, and paranoia that makes him Batman, which is perhaps the next step in the modern fascination with picking beneath the surface of our most beloved characters.