BBC Rejected Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn To Helm Doctor Who Episode

Meanwhile, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of making a sequel to Drive…

Matt Holmes


In an interview with Shortlist, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn says he approached the BBC about the possibility of helming an episode of hit sci-fi series Doctor Who last year, but was turned down by producer Steven Moffat;

I would have loved to direct Doctor Who but they didn’t want me – they turned me down last year.

Of course we don’t know if the rejection came before or after his sure to be cult classic Drive debuted at Cannes or was released in cinemas or even why they turned him down. It could even just be as simple a case as they had set all the directors they wanted on Doctor Who last season and they had no room to get Refn in and it may not have anything to do with them not wanting him to helm an episode.

Interestingly, and this will please many people I imagine, the Danish director says he hasn’t totally ruled out the possibility of making a sequel to Drive;

Well I think that… hmm. Let me just say that I haven’t made up my mind yet. Stranger things have happened…

It is worth reminding ourselves that a sequel to the novel is due in the Spring, the path for a follow-up already written so to speak.

You can read the full Shortlist interview HERE.