Beauty And The Beast: 20 Fiendishly Clever Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

15. Gaston's Awful Trophy


Gaston being a paragon of masculinity and violence, it's no surprise that his walls are adorned with grim trophies of death from the most dangerous animals... Except, if you look closely, Gaston clearly isn't as much of a famed hunter as he leads everyone to believe.

There are noticeably few animals who could actually fight back and among the removed heads are a cat, two rabbits and alarmingly, a frog. Way to be all macho there, Gaston.

As well as indicating how awful Gaston is, this could also be a nod to Ichabod & Mr Toad, which was the inspiration for the "Belle" musical number, both in terms of animation and the situation. And if you're looking even deeper, you could suggest Gaston represents the anti-thesis of the romantic ideal of kissing frogs and finding princes (the quaintest reading of the Beauty And The Beast story), so of course he'd have the head of one mounted on his wall...

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