Bond 23 To Be Titled SKYFALL?

Sony Pictures register dozens of domain names in relation to ‘Skyfall’ and ‘James Bond movie’. Do we now have an official title for the new film that begins shooting soon?

Matt Holmes


Ok, so we should probably remind ourselves that we have entered silly season with potential, proposed and fake titles regarding the 23rd James Bond movie and it’ll be like this until Daniel Craig or EON Productions, MGM or Sony Pictures announce with a press release just what the hell the film will actually be called.

So with that in mind and taking this with as big a grain of salt as you can grab, I got an email less than 30 minutes ago that makes a good argument for the 23rd James Bond movie, which begins filming soon for a release in just over 12 months time, to be officially titled…. Skyfall.

It appears that a brand protection company working for Sony Pictures registered a dozen URLS two days ago (on October 3rd) which suggest they are planning something around the term “Skyfall” and James Bond;

Not only that but in mid-August, domain name serves also had and other such Skyfall related terms registered to them.

Looking at the timeline here, August feels very probable for when EON and distributors MGM and Sony Pictures could have finalised a name (as we’ve only heard Daniel Craig confirm they actually have a title in the past month or so) and it does kind of have a Bond feel to it. Specifically a Fleming feel, though he only used one word titles a few times… Goldfinger, Thunderball, Moonraker and Octopussy. The films also used his ranch Goldeneye for a title.

Though as far as I’m aware, this is a brand new title that has no relation to anything Ian Fleming or any other author has used in 007 literary form, which would make Skyfall the first Bond movie with a wholly unique name since Die Another Day a decade ago.

My initial gut reaction was Skyfall sounded like a video game. James Bond: Skyfall coming soon to the PS3 and Xbox 360 sounds right. But when you look at all the domain names registered, it’s clear that film is what the intention is.

So what’s it to be ladies and gents? A miss-direction, or something else? Or is James Bond really about to return in Skyfall next year?




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