Over the last six months, we decided to let the public have their say about which films should be entered in our British Film Registry, an archive assembled as an equivalent to the National Film Registry, which annually preserves 25 historically, culturally or aesthetically significant films. In our first year, we opted to enter five British films and two British filmmaking personalities into the digital vault, and since voting began in mid-2012, we’ve had an astonishing 20,662 votes from the general public. Even more astoundingly, there were a mere 4 votes that separated the last film to squeeze into the final five, and the film that didn’t quite make it.

It was hugely encouraging to see such a great turnout of people taking the Registry seriously. We’d also like to take a moment to thank three websites for their assistance – Aint It Cool News, CineVue, and EatSleepLiveFilm – as well as all the little people who helped us set the Registry up. We’re also proud to announce that voting for the second year of the Registry will begin in the summer, by which stage we will have a dedicated page for everything related to it.

Without any further ado, click “next” to see the first film entry into the British Film Registry…

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This article was first posted on January 4, 2013