Captain Marvel Trailer Review: 9 Ups & 2 Downs

1. There's Some Michael Bay Shooting Going On

Captain Marvel Diagonal
Marvel Studios

Perhaps it's because the film is consciously trying to get a 90s aesthetic and vibe about it, but there's an awful lot of shots in this trailer that feel a little like a Michael Bay action movie. His approach to shot choice has always leaned heavily on his "peak work" in the 1990s and the slanted images and slightly over-zealous use of slow-motion are VERY reminiscent of his work.

That won't be a major problem for a lot of people who actually like what Michael Bay does - and to a certain extent it is a clever comment on 90s action films to mimic their style a little (if it's a conscious thing) - but Bay's work is so much of a divisive thing these days that it's heavily parodied and that's not really a great thing to ape seriously.

Again, though, it's a minor negative more than anything, but it's certainly a consideration.

And now to the positives...

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