DCEU: Is David Ayer Really Still Directing Gotham City Sirens?

So much for the sack...

Gotham City Sirens
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With the news that Zack Snyder will no longer be the architect of the DCEU and will take a step back - along with wife Deborah - away from the front-line, there was an added suggestion that David Ayer might be on his way out of the franchise too.

Having made Suicide Squad firmly in Snyder's image (albeit along with some studio assistance), and with Gotham City Sirens still in the pipeline (and no doubt expected to follow a similar approach), questions over his continued employment are inevitable. After all, if the agenda is to push back on Snyder's approach and herald a new creative era under Joss Whedon's "brain trust", there's no way there'd be space for a film suffering a hangover from the chapter that has been ended.

But for all the talk of Ayer leaving Sirens, he's taken to Twitter to hint that he's still involved...

That looks an awful lot like a statement of defiance.

So, the question now is whether Ayer should be allowed the chance to make Sirens under the new broader creative banner. Could his vision for the Suicide Squad spin-off sit next to what Whedon's team will be doing for future movies? Should he be given a chance to do something different to Suicide Squad?

It's certainly going to be interesting.

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