Deadpool 2: 9 Most Likely Secret Cameos

When Ryan met Deadpool, anyone?

Deadpool Vs Ryan Reynolds

After the first Deadpool proved to be one of the most surprisingly successful comic book movies of all time (particularly impressively since it came out in February), the sequel quickly became one of the most anticipated releases of 2018. Even the departure of Tim Miller (and Junkie Xl in his wake) and the controversy around TJ Miller could barely dent that excitement.

But then, out of nowhere came news of disappointed test audiences and the dreaded reshoots (courtesy of Josh Brolin who made a joke out of it, to his credit) and suddenly it all got a lot more worrying. Surely a film clever enough to cast Brolin as fan-favourite Cable and take the leash off Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool even more (not to mention including Domino and Terry Crews) couldn't be struggling for quality, could it?

Perhaps intentionally, the news then followed that the reshoots actually include a super surprising, actually significant cameo, which definitely sweetened the medicine a little. If Fox were making those kind of moves - aimed squarely at engaging the fans' imaginations - surely they were back on the right track? That's certainly how the optimists will have read it.

But the question now is who could this mysterious person be? There are definitely some interesting possibilities...

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