Disney In Talks To Buy Fox: X-Men & Fantastic Four Coming To The MCU?

Another huge deal could be on the cards.

X Men Disney

Big things might be about to happen at the top of Hollywood power ladder. According to CNBC, 20th Century Fox and Disney have been in discussion about the a deal that would see most of the former sold off to the latter. That would leave a tighter company at Fox focused on sports and news.

The report says that talks have been on and off over the past few weeks, and while there is currently nothing in concrete, there is a chance of it being revisited.

The advantage to Fox would be a tighter focus that they feel could compete better in the current marketplace, but it's what Disney would gain that is most interesting. They'd take control of a huge new media arm, with masses of valuable assets - including recovering some of the Marvel property rights Fox are still sitting on.

That's right, comic book movie fans - Disney might be on the verge of bringing the X-Men and Fantastic Four back to Marvel. With the company about to launch their own streaming service, that would be a huge boost. Presumably, it would take an insane amount of money to make it happen, but if Fox have already been willing to entertain sales talks, you have to feel that something is possible.

Now let's all take a moment to get ridiculously excited about future MCU phases where we could see Avengers Versus X-Men events, the Fantastic Four joining up with the other Marvel families and Deadpool killing the Marvel Universe. Oh, please let it happen.

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