Every Actor Who Copied Liam Neeson's Taken Comeback - Ranked

Not everyone can be Liam Neeson...

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The original Taken was the little engine that could - a medium budget action/thriller from France's EuropaVision that played the familiar tune of ex-tough guy returning to his brutal methods to exact revenge on those who wronged his family - we've all seen this done before.

Yet, the fine twist was instead of digging up Steven Seagal for another paycheque role, they cast respectable and 50+ thespian Liam Neeson, who had been stuck in supporting roles. He was a hulking presence certainly, but one who had made zero hints about being the natural successor to Clint Eastwood's throne.

Suddenly it was fresh this actor fill those shoes and it led to massive success, managing to completely reinvent the actor's twilight career into full-blown action mega-star status. It was a career move that was felt across the industry with several clamouring for a similar rejuvenation.

Whether it be once A-list aged performers looking for a career boost, or completely unorthodox 'respectable' actors looking for a new career path - several have tried and not many have succeeded. So let's take a look at those who attempted to pull a Neeson...

NOTE: The list excludes similar films with actors whose careers were on a steady trajectory (e.g. Idris Elba with The Take, Zoe Salanda with Columbiana), or that weren't an action vehicle built around the star's comeback appeal in itself (Benicio Del Toro in Sicario).

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