Every DC Comic Book Movie In Development (& Rumoured) Ranked

So much for that major derailment...

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For a studio that was supposedly terribly wounded by the problems with Justice League, Warner Bros seem to be strangely confident about their upcoming comic book movie projects. While the ensemble was called the death rattle of the shared universe by some of its more cynical detractors, the reality is that Warner Bros are still carrying on as it was.

Sure, there will be some projects that are currently counted as in early production that might not make it to the big screen because of the changes to the landscape and the hierarchy at Warner Bros, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, there are WAY more movies slated in various stages than Marvel are currently cooking up.

What's clear from the slate (and the rumoured additions to it) is that there are lots of irons in the fire for DC and Warner Bros, and a lot of reasons to be excited for fans of the characters. Let's just hope they deliver on the ones that actually make it to the screen...

24. Cyborg

Cyborg Justice League
Warner Bros.

Status: Still happening (apparently)

Release: 2020 (allegedly)

Recent Updates?

Back In November, Ezra Miller said that it's going to be a big deal and that there'd be huge clamour for it after Justice League:

"I think there's going to be a huge demand for Cyborg's film as well because of the emotional gravity this brings. It's what we find in the Nolan Batman movies. Ray brings this level of artistry to this role that's so exciting."


Will It Happen?

Very probably not. Slating it so early was always going to be a gamble and it's fair to say that the expectations of his impact as a character in Justice League didn't really work out.

So, unfortunately, it looks like Warner Bros' big opportunity for diversity might be the biggest casulaty of the first phase announcement of the DCEU.

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