Every Stan Lee Cameo Ranked From Worst To Best

RIP Stan the Man.

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The devastating recent news of Stan Lee's passing marks the end of an era for superheroes and, indeed, pop-culture as a whole. Lee's wide contributions to entertainment can't ever be over-estimated, nor the progressive, forward-thinking politics of his work in the comic book realm.

Of course, Lee is best known to audiences these days for his now-arbitrary cameo appearances in just about every Marvel movie going, typically showing up for a short and snappy comedy gag.

Over the last three decades, Lee has cameoed in some form in 40 comic book films, from lower-budget TV movies to Avengers-sized tentpole and even the occasional superhero-themed comedy.

He never ceases to rouse a smile whenever he shows up, and now that Lee's run of cameos is presumably coming to an end - though he's already filmed a part for Avengers 4 - those appearances are surely going to take on a new, altogether more bittersweet sentiment.

So, from the most basic, disposable wink-wink appearances to some surprisingly substantial dramatic ones, here's how Stan Lee's superhero movie tenure has fared over the years. And once again, rest in peace, Stan the Man...

40. Man-Thing (2005)

Man Thing Stan Lee

Don't feel bad if you haven't heard of this straight-to-TV adaptation of Man-Thing, the not-so-iconic swamp creature created by Stan Lee.

Technically speaking Lee didn't bother to physically appear in it - and can you blame him, especially with it being shot in Australia? - but a picture of his lovable mug is visible on a missing person's board for three distinct shots. Look just below the guy's chin here and you'll see it.

It's Stan's worst "cameo" pretty much by default, given that he didn't actually film it, the Easter egg placement isn't particularly clever and it's in a movie that premiered on SyFy (back when it was still called The Sci-Fi Channel, no less).

39. Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool 2 Stan Lee

Lee was certainly conspicuous by his absence in Deadpool 2 earlier this year, especially after he made a surprise appearance in the first Deadpool movie two years prior.

Though Lee did at least cameo in the No Good Deed short film to promote Deadpool 2, his presence in the final movie is limited to an (admittedly awesome) graffiti mural on a brick wall just as Domino (Zazie Beetz) touches down during the convoy assault sequence.

It gets points for its creativity and for being surprisingly easy to miss despite how prominent it is, but the lack of a physical turnout is still pretty damn disappointing.

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