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With the recent announcement of a March 6, 2015 release date for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie reboot, now seems to be the perfect time to start the conversation about who should be chosen to play Marvel’s premiere superhero team (yes, they came before the Avengers).

We’ll take a look at the actors who came before, see what was right and wrong about those performances, and look to the future to see what could and should be done next. Sound good?

Let the rampant fanboy speculation begin!


Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic

What went wrong last time…

As the quintessential father figure of the Fantastic Four’s family unit, Reed Richards should be played by someone with the emotional range to portray the range from fatherly devotion to an almost dangerous obsession with his personal scientific pursuits. One of the main problems with Ioan Gruffud’s performance from the 2005 movie and its sequel was that he came off more as a standard issue nerd, without the strength or gravity of a leader Reed should have. He (like almost everything else in the movies, honestly) had a bit of a sitcom-y feel to his performance. Reed’s obsession with science should be played seriously, not as the setup to a Three’s Company style misunderstanding.

Going forward…

A younger (but not too young) actor with a classic sort of dashing charm toned down for the role would work.

The internet seems to be obsessed with the idea of casting Matthew Morrison of Glee fame. Honestly, it’s hard to deny the fact that he looks the part as much as anybody. If he has the chops to pull it off, this could be a great way for him to get some recognition outside of his show’s fan base, not to mention the draw he would hold for his existing audience. Musical fans may not necessarily be into superhero movies (not that they can’t be, of course) but they are often fiercely loyal to their favorite actors.

Two other actors that have the look and charisma for the role are Matthew Goode of Watchmen and Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock (and by the time this film comes out, Star Trek 2).

So which one would look best with grey streaks in his hair?

Matthew Morrison, Matthew Goode and Benedict Cumberbatch

Matthew Morrison, Matthew Goode and Benedict Cumberbatch

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