Glass Trailer 2 Reactions: 6 Ups & 3 Downs


3. Bruce Willis Is Still A Wild Card

Glass Bruce Willis

Easily the biggest unknown quantity in Glass is the presence of Bruce Willis, who is of course reprising his David Dunn role from Unbreakable.

Given that Willis has been comfortably sleepwalking his way through straight-to-VOD dreck for the last five-or-so years, his fans are hoping that reuniting with Shyamalan might be enough to rouse him from his stupor.

And yet, after the first trailer kept the particulars of Willis' performance pretty vague, trailer #2 similarly makes it tough to discern whether Willis is going to knock it out of the park or just phone things in as per cynical usual.

It's important to remember that Dunn was a fairly stoic character in Unbreakable, so it wouldn't make sense for Willis to be giving a "big" performance here, but even so, the jury remains very much out on whether he'll actually turn up for his part in this movie.

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