Glass Trailer 2 Reactions: 6 Ups & 3 Downs

Will Bruce Willis wake up from his acting coma?

Glass Samuel L Jackson

The second trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass just landed, and while it certainly leaves a couple of nagging question marks hanging in the air, it also provides further hope that Shyamalan's climactic entry into this most unexpected super-powered trilogy will live up to the immense hype.

While perhaps not as much of a tightly-packed home-run as the first trailer, there's still plenty convincing in terms of characters, performances and newly-revealed plot points, even if it's not totally persuasive when it comes to the set-pieces and a certain actor's performance.

If the troubled writer-director pulls it off, that'll be three critical and commercial successes in a row, seemingly confirming his home in mid-budget filmmaking rather than bloated tentpoles where he loses creative control.

It's still possible Glass ends up being a bit of a mixed bag, sure, but it certainly looks like an interesting and creative movie that's so damn different from what most other superhero films are doing these days. Fingers crossed...

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