Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer 2 - Watch It Here

With the second full-length trailer now released, are Marvel going too far down the humour route - or is it exactly what's needed?

Three days ago Marvel dropped a teaser that made a point of looking forward to today's date, yet it still showed us a handful of tantalising high-octane shots all ripped from what are clearly going to be this movie's equivalent of the Stark Mansion going in the ocean, albeit cut in a way that easily left us wanting more. Cut to today though, and the full trailer has now arrived - it's live, but sadly not in Youtube form just yet With Captain America flying the Marvel flag higher than ever before, and one of the most memorable things DC are currently known for being the influx of 'Sad Batman' memes, it seems like another home-run for the 75 year-old company. However with the likes of the Thor films (particular part 2) really putting the Joss Whedon-esque humour to the forefront of those respective movies, are we ready to get stuck into a film that fully embraces that approach - or is one touch on the nose too many, regardless of the source material's level of wit? What do you guys think? Do the slightly more Star Trek-style portrayals of multiple races and green ladies put you off the otherwise relatable nature of our loveable Marvel heroes, or are you dying to see how the first film to portray the wider universe is going to fare? Let us know in the comments!
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