Harry Potter: 10 Majorly Dumb Plot Holes You Never Noticed

10. Who Tortured Neville€™s Parents Depends On Who The Current Antagonist Is

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What caused it: The film not explaining the wider world of the books.

Neville was a real joy for the fan€™s of Harry Potter. Developing from a hardworking buffoon to someone as important to the world as Harry, he was the everyman€™s wizard. The film€™s played the character a little broader, having him be some much needed comic relief in the first few films before having to do a swift u-turn when Rowling completely changed his character in the books.

We learn in Goblet Of Fire that the reason he lives with his Grandmother is because his parents were tortured and killed by Death Eaters after defying Voldemort. The question the movie leaves us with it who actually did it. In Goblet Of Fire it€™s stated it was Barty Crouch Jr., but in Order Of The Phoenix it€™s switched to Bellatrix Lestrange, just so there can be some emotional history between the young characters and the much older villains.

The books imply it was a gang of Death Eaters including both of the above dark wizards, but the way the film shows it it€™s almost like it was a lone killer. One line could have solved this.

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