How Avengers: Infinity War Completely Changes The MCU

5. It Fixes A Number Of 'Issues'

Avengers Infinity War Thanos
Marvel Studios

Despite its cultural and box-office dominance over the last decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't perfect, with a number of recurring issues throughout the 18 movies preceding Infinity War.

This movie doesn't solve everything, but it does go some way to fixing a number of these perceived problems. The biggest is undoubtedly with the presence of Thanos, which should end talk of Marvel's "villain problem" for some time. The Mad Titan is as complex and understandable as he is threatening and powerful, and is finally a bad guy that really warrants Earth's Mightiest Heroes (and then some) teaming up.

It's also a movie with a clear musical identity, producing some of Alan Silvestri's best MCU work and using his Avengers theme to great effect in elevating the material and giving it more heft. Throw in the fact that most of the CGI and visuals are spot-on, its unpredictability, and the way it blends the past movies and future setup seamlessly without compromising on this story or shoe-horning characters in, and you've got a movie that represents something of a course-correct on all the biggest MCU criticisms.

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