How Marvel Ruined The Perfect Avengers 4 Title

Some assembly required...

Avengers Assemble

Back in 2012, Marvel Studios made a mistake. They fundamentally misunderstood how important a 1960s TV show (and subsequent 90s movie remake that might well be the lowest point of Sean Connery's entire career) was to UK and Ireland audiences and thought we'd all get confused by their own forthcoming Avengers movie.

Unfortunately, that means that we can't now have the perfect title for Avengers 4, which could have been called Avengers, Assemble for a chest-thumping, pride-inspiring call to arms that the heroes need after Thanos tore the heart out of the MCU.

And the reason for that is just plain stupid...

2. Why The Name Change?

The Avengers John Steed Emma Peel

They presumably had a meeting, looking back at the super camp spy TV show that ran for 8 years in the 60s (and a couple more in revival in the 70s) and decided that everyone in Britain and Ireland had definitely grown up suckling at the teet of John Steed and wearing bowler hats constantly while battling ruffians with decorum and an umbrella.

Indeed, Kevin Feige confirmed that "decisions like that aren't made lightly and there are lots of marketing research, lawyers and things that get into the mix on it". Proof, right there, that lots of marketing research doesn't always come up with the correct answer.

Perhaps it's the mention of lawyers that is the key, but then movie titles are recycled all the time, so that's probably misdirection. It seems it really did come down to them not wanting to confuse The Avengers with The Avengers from the 60s. You know, despite the fact that the movies demographic weren't old enough to remember the show and those who were definitely weren't stupid enough to convince a bowler-hatted man with a handful of superhumans. Regardless of both properties featuring a catsuit.

And it's odd to think that the film was ONLY renamed in the UK and Ireland despite the fact that the TV show aired in 90 countries. INCLUDING America. What the hell, Marvel?!

It's a shame too, because Avengers, Assemble would have been perfect. And here's why...

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