Is Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury In Spider-Man: Far From Home?

He's part of a bigger universe.

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Samuel L. Jackson is teasing his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with an Instagram post that hints he could be in more than one MCU movie next year.

While we already know that Jackson's Nick Fury will be in Captain Marvel, sans eyepatch, it's less certain whether he'll return from the dead for Avengers 4. His post, however, suggests a different movie altogether - Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The business card could be something related to Captain Marvel, since the numbers form part of an ISBN code which points to Jim Starlin's Captain Marvel: The Complete Collection, but it might also be the kind of prop that Jackson's held on to.

Looking past that though, and the other images and caption suggest Fury getting ready for a role set in the MCU's present, with the most telling being the return of his eyepatch, alongside the facial hair and scarring. That, and him saying "back to the familiar, the comfortable..." suggests this Fury is no longer in the 1990s.

Captain Marvel wrapped filming a good few days before this was posted, but the bigger clue that it's related to a different project is the location.

Captain Marvel was filmed in California, but Watford is within the Hertfordshire area that Far From Home has been shooting in, and of course just outside of London, where the movie is also being filming.

We've previously heard that a major Marvel hero will appear alongside Spidey in Far From Home, to serve a similar role to Tony Stark in Homecoming, and Kevin Feige has already said it's not Doctor Strange. Fury, the man who first brought the Avengers together, would fit that role nicely, and make for an interesting contrast to the young, peppy superhero.

Do you want to see Fury in Far From Home? Let us know down in the comments.

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