Justice League: 10 Questions None Of The Trailers Have Answered

Who is number seven?

Warner Bros.

Justice League recently debuted what will presumably be its final trailer, and the winter blockbuster is shaping up surprisingly well.

Between the inherent problems of the early films in its series and that directorial switch-up, there were fears the big DC Comics team-up would end up a tonal mess, but its promotional campaign has been laden with optimism.

All of the footage Warner Bros has released in advance is geared towards bombastic action, unity and establishing a colourful tone, something Man of Steel and Batman v Superman failed miserably at. The latest trailer was no exception - heavy on explosive energy and light on plot specifics, which is great for those who like to avoid spoilers.

Given how the marketing campaign has played out, fans came away from each trailer with more questions than answers (and their hands still clasped over their ears to shut out those horrible rock covers), and that's exactly what DC and Warner will have wanted. They've successfully generated intrigue without giving too much away.

Justice League arrives in theatres in November, which is still plenty of time to ponder some of the biggest mysteries its trailers have left behind.


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