Justice League Final Trailer Breakdown: 20 Things You Need To See

The League goes all in.

Justice League All In
Warner Bros.

Has there ever been a film so hotly debated ahead of its release than Justice League? Has there ever been a film with such baggage, such expectation and such an odd sense that some people actually WANT it to fail? Probably not.

There have been bigger films, more expensive films and undoubtedly more important ones, but Justice League has dominated the cinematic hype conversation (for good and bad reasons) almost since the moment the first reactions to Batman v Superman landed. Suddenly, it all became about what direction the ensemble would take - what tone and story - and most of all, who would be the architect.

But even despite all of the stories, all of the "reshoots" and the crediting issues and the gloating from cynics, Justice League is still going to be the first opportunity for us all to see Batman, Superman Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg all team up for the first time. Filter off all the bullsh*t, and this is still one of the single most exciting movie properties of all time.

And with the final trailer now out there, we can start getting excited on a whole new level. It's almost like Christmas Eve, and hopefully, we're all going to get a present we want. By the look of bot the trailers released, there's a very good chance we're in for something extremely interesting at the very least.

And here's the Instagram trailer...

So what was in there and what does it all mean?

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