Logan Lucky Review: 6 Ups & 3 Downs

Another winner from Soderbergh.

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is in cinemas now, the first film from master director Steven Soderbergh since 2013's widely-praised Behind the Candelabra, after which he entered semi-retirement from movies before thankfully, finally emerging last year.

His latest effort has been warmly received by critics as yet another sharply-helmed, hilarious and terrifically-acted heist caper from the director, one that's sure to be regarded as a cult classic in the coming years, even though it unfortunately bombed at the box office.

A great film bombing with audiences is bad enough, but it's especially disheartening as the film was a mid-budget experiment of sorts, with Soderbergh attempting to distribute it outside of conventional Hollywood means, effectively cutting out the middle-man. Sadly, his bold effort has seemingly failed.

Still, if you're craving something other than the glut of CGI-heavy blockbusters in cinemas right now, do yourself and Soderbergh a favour by throwing this immensely charming movie a couple of your hard-earned bucks...


3. Seth MacFarlane Is Totally Miscast

Logan Lucky Adam Driver Seth Macfarlane

As fantastically cast as the movie generally is, Soderbergh makes one misstep by casting Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane to play Max Chilblain, a douchey British businessman who gives the Logan brothers some trouble throughout the film.

MacFarlane, with a giant, presumably fake mustache and over-the-top accent, plays the part like one of his cartoon characters, and as such sticks out as the movie's single caricature, whereas the rest of the cast slinks into their roles incredibly well.

MacFarlane sticks out every second he's on screen, and while it's not strictly a terrible performance, Soderbergh probably should've cast someone else in the part.


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