MCU: Every Single Marvel Movie Post-Credits Scene (And What They Mean)

32. Iron Man

Nick Fury Iron Man
Marvel Studios

The Scene

Having beaten Obadiah Stane's Iron Monger and revealed that he is Iron Man to the world's media, Tony Stark returns home to his humble mansion to find he's got a visitor: Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury, who chides him on believing he's the only superhero in the world, and informs him of a plan to kick off the Avengers Initiative.

What It Meant

Back in 2008, this was an incredible statement of intent for the MCU: not only had they kept an A-list cameo for a few seconds of screen-time, they were also mapping out a shared universe to wipe out the memory of decades of mostly bad Marvel movies.

Confusingly, Iron Man pretty much was the only superhero in this universe at the time - since almost all of the other origins happened after it - but the hint ahead to him becoming the centre-piece of the Avengers universe was incredible.

It also meant that for the next 9 years, you'd be forced to sit through the credits of every MCU movie, in fear that you'd miss something important.

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