MCU Phase 4: 10 Things Fans Most Want To See

Less cosmic - more supernatural.


MCU Phase 4 might not arrive until Spider-Man: Far From Home releases July 2019 (which, in all fairness, is only a year away), but already fans are anticipating as to what it may entail. Avengers 4 is set to alter the fabric of the franchise forever, ushering in new stars while old ones disembark for good, and with teases of the next series of films being 'distinctly different', there hasn't really been a better - or more exciting - time to be a Marvel fan.

That said, there are always areas in which Marvel Studios could improve, and fans have been just as vocal in singing the franchise's praises as they have in criticising it on occasion. There are a whole host of areas that Disney are yet to tap into on the big screen, and in ensuring the series remains fresh, exciting and innovative, the Marvel writers' room will have to draw inspiration from right across Marvel's comics.

It's a challenging task, but chatter amongst the MCU faithful could layout the roadmap of how best to proceed, or at least to make note of. With the acquisitions of the Fantastic Four and X-Men too, Marvel Studios' arsenal is only set to get bigger, but what - and who - should they look to include first?

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