MCU Phase 5: 12 CONFIRMED Movies & Release Predictions For 2022-23

10. Daredevil [Disney+]

Daredevil Comics
Marvel Comics

Status: Predicted

So, this one may look like something of an unexpected choice, given Daredevil's comparatively recent tenure on Netflix, but by the time Phase 5 roles around, Netflix's MCU shows will be a distant memory. TV moves fast, superheroes move even faster.

By 2020, Marvel Studios will have access once more to their Netflix characters as the deal limiting their use of the rights within two years of airing will have lapsed. And Disney tend to take note of successes and opportunities to market to enthusiastic audiences, which means Daredevil WILL be revived sooner rather than later.

What makes the most sense right now is for Daredevil to head to the small screen once more and with Disney+ no doubt needing more new characters for the second step of the new "event TV" manifesto, Matt Murdock absolutely fits the bill.

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