It must have been peaceful to have been an adult in 1988, before Tim Burton kicked this whole Batman movie phenomenon off, setting the speculating public ablaze each and every time Warner Bros. decided to plan another one.

But who needs peace? I’d rather live in a world where a Batman movie was made every single month. After all, that’s why I love the comics so much; there’s just so much of it, it’s almost as deep as an actual historical biography, if you delve deep enough.

And each writer, each artist has their own take on the Caped Crusader, brings their own insights to the table after years spent musing over his adventures. And as such, we get this wonderfully rich, tapestried history that changes a little in tone with each generation; that gets a little deeper each time someone approaches it from a clever new angle.

There are countless Batman stories that litter the backstory. Some are admittedly less enthralling than others but you can be generally certain that if you’ve got a Batman comic in your hands, you’re in for a pretty decent read.

But which of these stories will be pilfered next, when Warner Bros. look to make that inevitable reboot? We took a look back at some of our favourite Dark Knight story arcs, to compile our list of the 10 we’d most like to see next on the big screen.

Because the internet can ALWAYS use more Batman.

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This article was first posted on August 14, 2012