New pics of Jason Momoa as Conan (Lionsgate, 2011) have surfaced on the film’s official facebook page.

Honestly, I still don’t know where I stand with the new movie. Everything I have seen so far has failed to get me really excited and yet I’m still fairly psyched just to see the character back on the big screen again. Having read some of the original Robert E. Howard stories I can tell by these pics that we are not getting that vision on screen (sadly) but I am just glad they are moving away from the John Milius directed Conan the Barbarian.

In that movie from 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger famously took on the character to fight James Earl Jones’ Thulsa Doom and I have quite a soft spot for that film; its a violent, unapologetic eighties fantasy that if nothing else, is a great guilty pleasure watch. It hasn’t aged well (the oh so 80′s effects and the stiff acting are mainly to blame) but it has some great set designs and a nice aesthetic.

It’s cheesy but fun and Jones makes a great villain, even when he awkwardly transforms into a giant snake. In 1984 Richard Fleischer directed Schwarzenegger in the disappointing Conan The Destroyer that was rightly panned upon release so Conan has been messed with before and it could happen again…

Though it will have to be amazing to be more fun than this Conan musical someone posted on Youtube a while back!

The Lionsgate film is currently in post production and will be released some time in 2011. It also stars Ron Perlman (who himself voiced Conan in the current gen game of the same name) and Rose McGowan (who was once down to play Red Sonja until she split with Robert Rodriguez). Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Bob Sappa and Said Taghmaoui round out the cast.


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This article was first posted on July 18, 2010