As the Oscars rapidly approach their fruition, many are waiting with anticipation for their favorite film to win the coveted awards. The production teams are getting together, and dresses that are worth more than some countries’ GDP are being sewn for the big night. As the anticipation rises, many ask the question: why these films? How does a film merit being selected for an Oscar, or being nominated for the coveted Best Picture?

After reviewing the materials, and the trends of the past few years, I have 5 ingredients a film needs to increase its chances for winning the coveted award. While the films chosen are all done beautifully, there seems to be that something extra, that something that just adds the flavor needed to be an Oscar winner. Read on and enjoy.

Honorable Mention:  Downer At The Box Office

Happens every time the nominations come around. Reading through the films selected, you come around a choice and your first thought is “that was a movie?” While not a requirement to win an Oscar, it seems more and more often that the nominating committee chooses films that were not blockbusters. Whether this is to raise awareness of films that were simply unknown, or an attempt to be a nice surprise remains to be seen.

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This article was first posted on February 3, 2013