Oscars 2019: 9 Ups & 8 Downs

Miles Morales basically won an Oscar.

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse Oscar
Sony & AMPAS

The Academy Awards have come and gone for another year, with the 91st edition of Hollywood's biggest awards show dishing out gold statues to a fairly predictable set of winners, yet there were certainly a few surprises in the mix.

Though the broadcast threatened to be a trainwreck in light of many recent PR blunders on the Academy's part, the show itself was actually one of the most efficient and to-the-point in recent memory, even if the winners themselves were typically a hugely mixed bag.

While the contentious Best Picture victor is likely to be one of the most vociferously argued-about for years, the Academy did show better judgement elsewhere, casting aside traditional prejudices and not being overly blinded by the temptation to give out "career Oscars" to industry titans.

It wasn't a show for the ages, but the format does feel like a step in the right direction, even if some of the winners felt like anything but. And with that in mind, let's kick things off with what went wrong...

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