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On Sunday night the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, but the power outage during the game wasn’t the only thing buzzing on the Internet. New information for what could potentially become the next Hulk film was reportedly released by Latino Review. They claim the film will be released sometime after The Avengers 2 and will be a part of Marvel’s Phase Three strategy. The storyline suggests that members of a secret organization known as The Illuminati, which is comprised of Marvel heroes such as Tony Stark, Professor X, and Reed Richards, decide that the Hulk is too unstable and unsafe to remain on earth. So they decide to banish him to space and he ends up a slave on an alien world known as Sakaar. He becomes a gladiator and eventually becomes the leader of a rebellion.

The comic series of which this story is based off was called Planet Hulk and was written by Greg Pak. Pak has become the quintessential Hulk writer over the last decade and it’s probable that he will have some involvement in this new adaptation of the classic green monster. The real question is who will be selected as the director of this bold new approach to the Hulk?

Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk was somewhat well received and made a profit, but it featured Edward Norton’s awkward performance as Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo replaced Norton when it came time to cast for The Avengers, so it is likely that Disney/Marvel will want to start fresh with a new director to accompany Ruffalo, who is signed on for at least six films. If Leterrier isn’t chosen as the director, who should be responsible to create a new Hulk movie that features the character betrayed by his fellow Avengers and casted off into space?

Here are five directors that can successfully make an excellent Hulk film…

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This article was first posted on February 5, 2013