Prometheus: The Most Understated Time Travel Movie In History?

So the theory goes, Prometheus is all about time travel

Brad Williams


Prometheus is out on home release, and once again we are all back into the fray of planet LV-223 and its labyrinthian meanings. We were all left scratching our noggins earlier this year, when Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror first oozed onto our screens. Like a belligerent fart it upset many, and lingered with us for some time. Split down the middle, some felt it to be a masterpiece and a worthy heir to the Xneomorph throne, whilst the rest thought Sir Ridley had gone AWOL. For what it is worth, I feel that the film most definitely benefits from a second viewing.

Despite all of this, somewhere between the dissolving giants, spatially aware holograms, penis worms, ambiguous villains and toneless Scottish actresses (I am looking at you, Kate Dickie); film theorist and screenwriter Eugene Baldovino thinks he may have found something surprising. Prometheus might well be the prelude to a time travel saga.

In his 20 minute long visual analysis, Baldovino explores the religious imagery of the film, and its subsequent connotations. But his most interesting theories are that the film is a cautionary tale about time travel. Which, if true, would suddenly make Damon Lindelof, Jon Spaihts, and all involved, look like genius’ of David level IQ.

The long lost art of film analysis is something that many of us learn at film school, but only the most attentive of us use in day-to-day film viewings.With the recent release of The Shining doc Room 237, it would seem that the discerning eagle eyed film nerd model is currently en vogue. And following the Blu Ray and DVD release of Prometheus, Balfovino’s thoughts are quite timely; particularly when you consider that some of his theories are actually proved right by a few deleted scenes.

Baldovino’s theories are by no means flawless (his ideas about time/space are sketchy at best), however, one cannot help but be impressed by the structure and weight of his arguments.

So take a look at the video below and get thinking about Elizabeth Shaw and her motley crew, in a whole new way. At the very least it proves one thing; Prometheus has quite a bit of life left in it. Now, if only someone could explain the giant squid…

And after all of that, why not compare notes with our very own brainiac Benji Taylor, and his theories about Prometheus. Who said we don’t spoil you?