Ranking Green Lantern Actor Shortlist From Worst To Best

Who will join the DCEU?

Warner Bros.

This past week, The Wrap's resident comic book movie tipster El Mayimbe leaked a shortlist, apparently confirmed by two sources within Warner Bros., who the studio are approaching to play Hal Jordan in 2020's Green Lantern Corps.

The six-actor list boasts, in alphabetical order, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, Armie Hammer, Joel McHale and Ryan Reynolds, and after some careful consideration, we've ranked the actors from worst to best in terms of suitability for the part.

It's an interesting, eclectic and in some cases scarcely believable collective of actors, and as Warner Bros. proved with Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, they're certainly not afraid to opt for the controversial pick.

If the rumours are right that Hal Jordan will appear in Justice League, then fans probably won't have long to wait for casting confirmation. Until then, let's speculate (and rate) away.

Here are the shortlisted Green Lantern actors ranked from worst to best...

6. Ryan Reynolds

Warner Bros.

Let's begin with the most hilarious and ill-fitted choice, to simply bring Ryan Reynolds back to the part he bombed in six years ago (through little fault of his own, mind).

Reynolds blatantly threw shade at the role in last year's Deadpool, and there's little doubt that Warner's execs are aware of this. In addition, how the Hell would you even explain him playing the part again?

He proved how great he can be in Deadpool, but he would be so, so wrong here.

How Likely Is It?: Virtually impossible unless Warner drops a dumptruck full of cash on Reynolds' lawn and offers him an incredible amount of creative control. Even then, would Reynolds really tempt fate, especially with the DCEU not exactly being beloved by fans and critics so far? 1/10


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