Razzies 2017: 8 Winners That Make No Sense

If you hate Batman v Superman that much, you need to watch more movies.

Batman V Superman Jesse Eisenberg Razzie
Warner Bros & Razzies

As is annual tradition, the Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies) were announced the day before the Oscars, and in some respects will prove to be almost as divisive as the Academy Awards themselves.

If there's one thing the Razzies always gets wrong, it's that they pander too much to what's fashionable to dislike, skewering certain franchises, demographics, actors and directors far more mercilessly than they deserve.

This year wasn't much different, and while the Oscars is on a clear mission to diversify itself, the Razzies basically feels like the same old one-note joke where mean-spirited people mock a bunch of movies, many of which aren't even that terrible, but simply disappointing or underwhelming.

As such, these 9 winners don't make a lick of sense in any logical realm of critical taste, but at least there are some far more sensible nominees in each category that are undeniably worthy of your derision...


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