Ridley Scott Is Ready To Make FOUR More Alien Movies

Get ready for even more face-hugging...

Given how many questions were left dangling tantalisingly unanswered at the end of Prometheus, it should come as no surprise that Ridley Scott has at least another four movies rattling around in his brain on top of the forthcoming Alien: Covenant.

So if you're into face-hugging, acidic blood and jumping out of your skin every time a character goes into a vent, you're definitely going to be set for the foreseeable. Well, provided Covenant is actually successful, of course.

Scott was talking about his timeline of movies after Prometheus and Covenant, and intriguingly revealed that the next one - called Alien: Awakening apparently - will slot in between Prometheus and Covenant just to confuse the life out of you even more. Presumably then it will take up with Noomi Rapace's story, as he says she "was integral to what David (Michael Fassbender) carried out later." That "carried out" sounds pretty ominous...

So does that mean she'll be in Covenant as some sort of experiment? Is she going to be this franchise's version of Doomsday? Like, ground zero monster for the xenomorphs? And would Awakening then circle back to tell that story?n Who even cares about timeline continuity anyway?

You really have to question what this means for the supposed Aliens sequel from Neill Blomkamp, which has already hit the skids. It's not like Sir Ridley is going to allow direct competition to his own movies, is he?

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