Rumour: Jake Gyllenhaal Eyed To Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

Matt Reeves has his sights on a new Bruce Wayne.

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As Justice League hits cinemas worldwide, talk continues to swirl about Ben Affleck's continued role in the DC Extended Universe (or whatever they ultimately call it moving forwards).

With solo outing The Batman still on the horizon, rumours over the past year have had Affleck in and out more times than the hokey cokey, and the latest word is leaning towards him being replaced for the movie. What's more, though, is that director Matt Reeves supposedly has an actor in mind: Jake Gyllenhaal.

The news comes from John Campea on his YouTube show, hot on the heels after he brought the latest news about Affleck leaving. Campea reveals he's reached out to a couple of different sources to confirm the validity of the rumour, and it seems that at the very least Reeves does want him - but any deal is a long way off.

Although Campea seems fairly certain that Affleck is hanging up the cowl, there's no official word yet and thus still the chance the actor will stay on for The Batman, but signs do lean towards him leaving. If that does happen, Gyllenhaal - having proved himself as a seriously gifted actor in recent years, and someone who previously auditioned for the role of Batman (before Christian Bale was cast) - could be a shrewd choice as a replacement.

What do you think about Jake Gyllenhaal potentially replacing Ben Affleck? Let us know down in the comments.

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