Spider-Man 3: Deadpool Actor Wants To Play Kraven The Hunter

The hunt is on for Spidey's next villain.

Kraven the Hunter
Marvel Comics

As rumours circulate over which villain will take centre stage in the inevitable Spider-Man 3, all signs seem to be pointing towards Kraven the Hunter. Director Jon Watts and co-writer Erik Sommers have both mentioned in interviews how much they love the character and want to use him, while the ending of Far From Home (don't worry, no spoilers here) delivers a perfect set up for the legendary hunter to be called into action.

Bringing us one step closer to making this theory a reality is Deadpool actor Stefan Kapicic (who voiced and helped deliver the performance for X-Man Colossus in the first two movies), who has expressed interest in donning the furry costume in the next Spider-Man film. The actor threw his hat into the ring via Twitter, replying to the story that Watts was potentially eyeing up the villain for the next film, following it up with a cheeky emoji.

Kapicic certainly looks the part, but it's unclear whether or not he'll be considered for the role, or whether or not Kraven will even show up in the next film. After all, it was rumoured that Sony were looking at the character as the lead of a potential solo movie separate from the MCU, while the deal between Marvel and Sony could be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

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